Honour board

Honour Board

While the Honour Board below signifies the who’s who of our polo family on a year by year basis it also illustrates the longevity of our sport, dating back to 1896 when Mr. N. McNeil was our inaugural president.

2016 Adil Bux Chrissy Kiely Alastair Cochrane
2015 Acting: Greg Johnson Chrissy Kiely Adrian Lester
2014 Jason Stowe Chrissy Kiely Adrian Lester
2012 -2013 Greg Johnson Rebecca Tilbrook Jo Dawkins
2010 -2011 Greg Johnson Katie Webster Jo Dawkins
2008-2009 Twynam Cunningham Marnie Hamersley Smith Jo Dawkins
2006-2007 Twynam Cunningham Jo Dawkins
2001-2005 Nick Bowen Jo Dawkins
1997-2000 John Fischer Jody Hardcastle
1993-1996 Jeremy Shervington Jody Hardcastle
1990-1992 Ron Bates Sue Bates
1988-1989 Bruce Eyres
1984-1987 Geoff Fisher Tony Fisher
1983 D Ferguson
1981-1982 Leonard Hamersley
1978-1980 Desmond Reid
1966-1977 Geoff Fisher
1960-1965 G Bennett
1958-1959 C Harkness
1955-1957 A A Hardie
1950-1954 G G Gooch
1933-1949 WW II
1928-1932 Joseph Charles
1926-1927 A W Edgar
1922-1925 F A Murray
1909-1921 E F Darlot
1896-1908 N McNeil