Player and Social Registration

Player Registration

To re-register you will need to have your user-name and password and then choose the log in section.  If you can’t find, or remember your user-name and password, please email us and we will retrieve them for you.  You can change the user-name and password to help remember them in the future.  If you are looking at changing clubs you will need to be “transferred” on the system, so please contact the Secretary.  Make sure you check with the club you are moving to that you are able to join, before asking for the transfer.

If you are re-registering as an existing member please use the below link.


New Players & Social Memberships

WA Polo is growing at a rate of knots! Our aim is to double the current number of players by 2019. Help us by getting back on the horse!

If you are wanting to register as a new member please use this link.


If you have any questions or problems please contact Hannah.