WA Polo Association

What we do

As Polo’s state sporting association, the WAPA has the responsibility to provide both strategic direction and operational support to the WA polo community to ensure the growth and success of the sport in WA. In order to grow Polo, WAPA is committed to broadening access to the sport across a range of new cohorts. In particular it sees the targeting of juniors, women and novice baby boomers as potential areas of growth.

The WAPA’s Vision underpins our commitment to strengthening our own sport and in doing so, contributing to the value of the WA Recreational Horse sector. Our Vision is…

An exceptional polo experience for existing and new members of WAPA that stimulates a vibrant and growing Polo community comprising riders, volunteers and spectators.” 

Our Mission is…

To advance the development, professionalism and accessibility of Polo. 

Our Values are…

Respect for People and Horses 

We are committed to a working and sporting environment that greatly values respect, integrity, and teamwork for staff, volunteers the players, spectators and especially our horses.


WA Polo regards access to the sport as a cornerstone value regardless of a person’s gender, income or cultural background.


We will communicate with all of our stakeholders in a spirit of open dialogue. Transparency and openness is an essential part of our philosophy and practice.


Safety of both human and equine participants is paramount for our sport.

Fair Play

We embrace fairness in sport for the benefit of all participants. These values are ingrained in our philosophy that is fundamental to integrity and honesty at all times in a drug-free sport.

Respect for the Environment

We strive to ensure our activities are in harmony with the environment allowing both participants and spectators an opportunity to better appreciate the natural environment in which we live.

Enjoyment and Fulfilment

Polo will only prosper through the enjoyment and fulfilment of riders, staff, officials, volunteers and spectators at whatever level they participate.

We are working hard to grow the sport and will need our member’s help in doing so. This will include participation in a number of sub-committees and volunteering.

If you are interested in working with the Board please contact us.

WAPA Constitution