Tournaments & Trophies

The Gooch Cup

The Gooch Cup which is the most prestigious handicap cup in Western Australia was donated to the Western Australian Polo Association in 1926 by the late Gordon G Gooch Esq of Wandagee Station, which is situated in the West Gascoyne.

Gordon Gooch was a loyal and highly respected supporter of polo and President of the WAPA for a number of years.  In latter years he resided in Perth and was a very familiar figure at polo fixtures.

The cup is an extremely elegant example of hand beaten sterling silver and to most polo players still remains one of the most difficult to win.  The Gooch has been played for every year up to the present time, save for a short break during World War 11.

Information provided by Leonard Hamersley.

1927 Gooch Cup between Mingenew and Narrogin clubs, (left to right)Burges (Mingenew), O’Halloran (Mingenew), C. Readhead (Mingenew), A. Hardie (Narrogin), J. Brown (Narrogin), C. O’Connor (Narrogin) Photo courtesy of The State Library of W.A.

Year Cup Team
2019 The Gooch Cup Perth Gold
The Burges Cup Sandalford Blue
Henderson Shield Nuut
The Stanley Cup Bedivere
The Dawkins Serpentine
The Keenan Reid Polo
2018 The Gooch Cup Perth
The Burges Cup Sandalford
Henderson Shield Eulo
The Stanley Cup Serpentine
The Dawkins Serpentine
The Keenan N/A
2017 The Gooch Cup Yowada Performance Horses
The Burges Cup Sandalford
Henderson Shield Beeac
The Stanley Cup Australian Premium Feeds
2016 The Gooch Cup Super Elixir
The Burges Cup N/A
Henderson Shield Beeac
The Stanley Cup Tanglefoot
The Dawkins Australian Premium Feeds
2015 The Gooch Cup Super Elixir
The Burges Cup Sandalford Red
Henderson Shield Brooklands
The Stanley Cup Warren B
The Dawkins Brigadoon
The Keenan Baliup
2014 The Gooch Cup Moondyne
The Burges Cup Troika
Henderson Shield Brooklands
The Stanley Cup TBC
The Dawkins Crimson Park
The Keenan Guzman Y Gomez
2013 The Gooch Cup Mandalay
The Burges Cup Sandalford
Henderson Shield Brooklands
The Stanley Cup Swan Valley
The Dawkins Salin Plus
The Keenan Europa

Charles Cup

The Charles Cup is Western Australia’s premier polo cup.  The beautiful silver current cup is actually the third cup donated by Joseph Charles esq.  Joseph Charles presented the first cup many years prior with the proviso that should the cup be won for three years in succession by the same team then that team would win the cup outright.  On two occasions this phenomenon was achieved and both times by the then famous Broomehill Polo Club.  On the second occasions the team as captained for the three years by the late Edgar Richardson.  It was only after these events that Joseph Charles who was not only an extremely staunch supporter of polo in WA, but also President of the WA Polo Association presented the third Charles Cup in 1929. The cup was presented as a perpetual cup to be played for in WA and stipulated to be played from scratch, (no handicap advantage). The hand beaten figure on the sterling silver masterpiece is from an actual match photograph taken from a contest between teams from Broomehill and Mingenew.

Broomehill Team: Bob Louden, Ivor Roberts, Edgar Richardson (C), Bernard House
Mingenew team: Reg Percy, Charlie Readhead, Colonel Irwin Burges, Harold Readhead

It is worthy to note that the majority of the players mentioned were ex members of the celebrated 10th Australian Light Horse Regiment.

Year          Cup                                   Team

2019 The Charles Cup Brooklands
The Darlot Cup Perth Gold
Lee- Steere Cup NUUT
The Readhead Minninooka
2018 The Charles Cup Sandalford
The Darlot Cup Perth
Lee- Steere Cup APF
The Readhead Serpentine Blue
2017 The Charles Cup Salin Plus
The Darlot Cup Yowada Performance Horses
Lee- Steere Cup Beeac
2016 The Charles Cup Sandalford
The Darlot Cup Nyaradah
Lee- Steere Cup Beeac
Readhead Cup Australian Premium Feeds
2015 The Charles Cup Rained Out
The Darlot Cup Rained Out
Lee- Steere Cup Rained Out
Readhead Cup Rained Out
2014 The Charles Cup Sandalford
The Darlot Cup Troika
Lee- Steere Cup Brooklands
Readhead Cup Guzman Y Gomez
2013 The Charles Cup Mandalay
The Darlot Cup River Park
Lee- Steere Cup D. Tillbrook
Readhead Cup Balwyn

Darlot Cup

Donated by Harry Darlot Esq (Pastoralist) and was first played for in 1928.  It is presented to the Runners Up of the Charles, or to the Subsidiary winners.

Lee Steere Cup

Donated by Sir Ernest Lee Steere (Pastoralist).  It is to be played for with no handicap advantage (off the stick) and is presented to the winners of the B Grade competition.

AJ Hardie – Champion Pony

Donated around 1956 by Albury Hardie who played for Narrogin and Broomehill prior to the war.  It was first won by a black mare from Mt Augustus Station – “Flirt” played by Dudley Farrar.

EWB – Champion Team of Ponies

Donated by Economic Wool Producers.  Presented to the Best team of ponies of the tournament.

WA Hunt Club – Champion Novice Pony

Presented annually to the best pony playing in its first official season.

Ian Webster Memorial – Champion WA Bred Pony

Donated to the Perth Polo Club in 1994 by the friends of “Stretch” in memory of his dedication, and love of polo, horses and friends.  It is presented annually for the best WA bred pony over the season.

The Campbell Memorial Trophy

February 1967.    Mrs HM Campbell of Balmoral Serpentine donated to polo a trophy to be competed for annually and to be won by the most improved player in Western Australia, with his team and club spirit to be considered.

The purpose of the trophy is to encourage young or new players in the sport; the award will be made to a player who has shown the greatest improvement in his game during the current or just past season and who shows a willingness to assist with some of the duties attached to the smooth running of their club.

Judging the award has been vested in the Handicap Committee.

This perpetual trophy is  known as the Campbell Memorial Trophy and is given and received in memory of Mr JM Campbell and his son John R Campbell.

Campbell Memorial Trophy
2019 Jake Wilding
2018 Hugo Fischer
2017 George Cunningham
2016 Warwick Prendiville
2015 Jack Kiely
2014 James Lester
2013 Chloe Kiely
2012 Patrick Prendiville
2011 Marnie Hamersley Smith
2010 Corey Miln
2009 Tim Broadfoot
2008 Kirstie Readhead
2007 Glindon Webster
2006 Ralph Lyster
2005 Greg Johnson
2004 Adrian Lester
2003 Digby Atkins
2002 (Lost?)
2001 Twynam Cunningham
2000 Greg Taylor
1999 Graham Lane
1998 T Cunningham
1997 Scott Gibson
1996 Michael Dagostino
1995 Neville Stewart
1994 P.J Hall
1993 Peter Prendiville
1992 Roger Parker
1991 Andrew Pate
1990 Rod McLauglin
1989 Petula Hansen
1988 Stewart MacPherson
1987 A Cobley
1986 Fraser Reid
1985 M Sleeger
1984 Michael Stewart
1983 Ian Broad
1982 Ernie Cooley
1981 John Gardner
1980 Jeff Martin
1979 Brett Kiely
1978 Ray Thorpe
1977 Derek Reid
1976 R M Reid
1975 A Robinson
1974 Bruce Campbell
1973 Miles Bain
1972 Guy Dean
1971 John Reddrop
1970 Kevin Moore
1969 B Parry
1968 J Lewis
1967 E Hamersley