Be Part of Polo

The WAPA is growing the sport of polo and is actively encouraging former players to re-register and recruiting new players. Whether you have played polo before or not, whether you are a novice rider or highly capable, whether you are young or young at heart we would love to have you join our polo family.

If you would rather just come and watch click here to become a social member.

And of course we would love your valuable contribution as a volunteer. Learn how to gift your time here. 

Playing Polo

Polo in WA is played at various levels.  Contrary to belief that it is elitist, probably 50% of polo played in WA is at a fairly basic level.  A basic level of polo requires one or two horses, a horse float, tack, polo mallets, boots and a helmet.  This level of polo is played on any reasonably flat field and is relatively inexpensive to play.  Nearly all polo played in the bush is of this nature.

From the basic level, polo playing can rapidly escalate to ‘full polo addiction’.  Full polo addiction requires you to have at least four horses, better with six, plus saddles for each horse, a dedicated horse box, full time polo groom and a fairly full wallet.  This level of polo is said to be on a par with running a 30ft pleasure boat.

Clubs that cater for this level are centered around Perth.  There is the Perth Polo Club at Guidford and the Serpentine Polo Club at Serpentine.  A surprising variety of people play polo including accountants, doctors, businessmen, miners, builders, farmers, real estate agents, students and the list goes on.  These clubs welcome new players, complete novices can be catered for with quiet, well schooled horses available for hire.  Polo is a great game for people who still relish the full on competitive nature of sport, but whose bodies are not quite what they used to be, the horses providing some fresh legs.

Polo is played in WA between November and April each year.  Some of the major tournaments include the Gooch, the WA Open and the Charles and Carpenter Cups.

Interested In Playing?

If you would like to try your hand at polo contact Brett Kiely at Polo Kidogo who has played polo professionally and coached for many years.  Polo Kidogo is based at Serpentine.

Contact Brett Kiely on 0419 909 420 or

If you would like any information about playing polo please contact our Secretary

Polo for Everyone

One of the loveliest things about the extended polo family is the atmosphere at our regular tournaments. Most are free and are within a short drive to the city. Bring a picnic, bring the kids and relax in a rural environment where the busyness of everyday life disappears. Become a social member and enjoy the benefits of being a part of polo in WA. So why should you be part of polo? 

  • You can be in the country close to the city! Many of our events are in the Swan Valley and Serpentine
  • You don’t need to line up for food when you bring your own!
  • Most of our events are free!
  • It’s a fabulous way for your kids to get out and see horses –  the most noblest of all creatures
  • Everyone in really friendly

To find out more about being a social member contact our secretary and become a part of this great community. Social membership is free until June 30.

Polo Volunteers

Sporting groups and other community based organisations would not survive without the generous contribution of the hundreds of thousands of Western Australian volunteers.

WA Polo is no different. We highly value those who gift their time to us and we are always ready to welcome new help.

You don’t need to have had any horse experience either – there are many ways you could help and join our extended family.

To find out how you can find purpose and pleasure with polo in WA please contact us.


The recreational horse sector is a multi billion dollar industry employing hundreds of thousands of Australians. Corporate investment in the sport is growing nationally and the Western Australian Polo Association has a range of opportunities from minor tournament sponsorship packages to sponsoring a team. We are growing the sport and are looking to double participation rates within three years. If you would like to know how to position your product and services with us as we grow please contact our secretary.