growing polo

Growing Polo

There is a worldwide movement in the growth of polo reinforcing what we already know – that this fabulous sport is accessible to all who are interested. Whether you want to ride purely for fun or as a professional working here and overseas, the Western Australian Polo Association and our clubs are working hard to make it happen. There are members of our polo community like the Kiely’s at Polo Kidogo who run beginner programs through to the elite level. There are many highly talented riders in WA and our women are establishing a team to play other states. Like all sports the future starts at the junior and grass roots level and we are working hard to create pathways between pony club and our polo community. If you are interested in playing for fun or for serious fun contact our secretary.

Women’s Polo

Western Australia is blessed to have an abundance of gifted horse women itching to showcase their skills and talent on a bigger stage. There are several teams playing locally and WAPA with the support of the State’s clubs are developing a state side to compete with our eastern seaboard rivals. To find out how you can share in the growth of WA Polo Women contact our secretary.

Young Polo

The future of polo in Western Australia is in the hands of our young riders. We have many gifted juniors in our state and are actively working toward having more young riders become a part of polo.¬†One of our initiatives is to develop a school’s based competition and we will keep you informed as we make more progress.

To find out more about the growth of young polo in WA contact us.

Indian Ocean Rim

There are enormous opportunities for Western Australia to participate in sport with countries of the Indian Ocean Rim. The Perth Polo Club has been working hard and making significant progress on an exciting development involving the creating of an Indian Ocean Rim Tournament.