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Playing Polo

Polo in WA is played at various levels. Contrary to belief that it is elitist, probably 50% of polo played in WA is at a fairly basic level. A basic level of polo requires one or two horses, a horse float, tack, polo mallets, boots and a helmet. This level of polo is relatively inexpensive to play.

A surprising variety of people play polo including accountants, doctors, businessmen, miners, builders, farmers, real estate agents, students and the list goes on. All clubs’ welcome new players, complete novices can be catered for with quiet, well-schooled horses available for hire. Polo is a great game for people who still relish the competitive nature of sport, but whose bodies are not quite what they used to be, the horses providing some fresh legs.

Polo is played in WA between November and April each year. Some of the major tournaments include the Gooch, the WA Open and the Charles and Carpenter Cups.

Pony Clubs/Adult Riding Clubs

Pony Club Polo / Adult Riding Clubs The WAPA are delighted with the recent participation of pony clubs state-wide taking up the chance to learn about polo. WAPA has a number of accredited coaches available to visit pony clubs or adult riding clubs to introduce the basics of polo. 

Women's Polo
 Women’s POLO 

Western Australia is blessed to have an abundance of gifted horse women itching to showcase their skills and talent on a bigger stage. There are several teams playing locally and WAPA with the support of the State’s clubs are developing a state side to compete with our eastern seaboard rivals. 

Young Polo

The future of polo in Western Australia is in the hands of our young riders. We have many gifted juniors in our state and are actively working toward having more young riders become a part of polo. One of our initiatives is to develop a school’s based competition and we will keep you informed as we make more progress.

Indian Ocean Rim

There are enormous opportunities for Western Australia to participate in sport with countries of the Indian Ocean Rim. The Perth Polo Club has been working hard and making significant progress on an exciting development involving the creating of an Indian Ocean Rim Tournament.


Polo For Everyone

One of the loveliest things about the extended polo family is the atmosphere at our regular tournaments. Most are free and are within a short drive to the city. Bring a picnic, bring the kids and relax in a rural environment where the business of everyday life disappears.

Polo Volunteers

Sporting groups and other community based organisations would not survive without the generous contribution of the hundreds of thousands of Western Australian volunteers. WA Polo is no different. We highly value those who gift their time to us and we are always ready to welcome new help. You don’t need to have had any horse experience either – there are many ways you could help and join our extended family.



The recreational horse sector is a multi billion dollar industry employing hundreds of thousands of Australians. Corporate investment in the sport is growing nationally and the Western Australian Polo Association has a range of opportunities from minor tournament sponsorship packages to sponsoring a team. We are growing the sport and are looking to double participation rates within three years.


Upcoming Events
If you would like any information about participating in polo please contact our Secretary
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