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Player Handicaps

Please click on link below to view the current Western Australian players handicap list.


Every registered polo player in Australia carries a Handicap of between S/-2 and 10. These are set by each State Association’s Handicap Committee following recommendations from Clubs.

Handicaps are reviewed midyear and towards the end of the year. Players may be re-handicapped between the midyear review and the end of the year even if they do not play between these times.

NEW PLAYERS who have not played polo, shall be assigned an ‘S’ handicap and may only play practice chukkas at clubs of which they are a member, they may not play in tournaments. To be upgraded to a -2 handicap a player must take and pass the Rules Test, the club assigns a fair and accurate T handicap when they consider that he is sufficiently experienced as a player, and meets the handicap evaluation guidelines. Clubs must inform the State Handicap Committee of any T handicaps assigned.

For full information on the setting of handicaps, please see the 
APF Handicap Policy.


To read/download the Australian Polo Federation Handicap List please click on the below links


APF-Handicap-List-Jan-2022-Alphabetical Order

Benchmark Players 2023

6 goals: Glen Gilmore

5 goals: Jake Daniels, Dirk Gould, Sam Hopkinson

4 goals: Gus Aguirre, Will Gilmore

3 goals: Luke O’Leary, Aiden Nunn, Gillon McLachlan, Thomas Martin

2 goals: Peter Trethowan, Blake Reid, Callum Maclachlan, Stirling McGregor, Adam Meally

1 goal: Greg Rodwell, Wayne Glennie, Phil Clark, Adam Marshall, Nick Wayland, Philippa Fitzhenry

0 goals: Stuart Bolingbroke, Angus Whyte, Nick Wills, Shannon Booth, Bill Taylor, Inge Burke, Mark Adamson, Andrew Coulton


Womens Handicap Benchmark Players for 2023

6 goals: Sian Barnacle

5 goals: Missy Browne

4 goals: Alessia Russo, Kelly Keyte, Chloe Warren

3 goals: Inge Burke, Maddie Shoesmith




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